We start up the year in the best way possible by releasing two brand new course days in R.

Introduction to modern statistics teaches you how to use two fundamental tools in statistical analysis: hypothesis tests and confidence intervals. You’ll also learn about important concepts like p-values, power, and sample size calculcations. It fits perfect together with Introduction to R and is now day #2 of the course R 1.

The other news is the second day of our brand new course called R 3. Here we discuss cluster analysis, including hierarchichal and centroid-based methods. Familiarize yourself with factor analysis and structural equation models (SEM). This together with visualisation and data exploration help you to visually explore data in R.

R 1

R 1 really gets you going in the right direction. Starting with an introduction, the course will cover the basics of R, ranging from importing to handling data and visulisation. You’ll learn about important concepts like p-values, power, and sample size calculcations.

• Handling data
• Data visualisation
• Descriptive statistics
• Statistical concepts
• Classical statistical methods
• Modern statistical methods

Online: April 19–20
Online: September 5–6
Online: November 8–9

R 2

This course provides you with a solid understanding of modern linear regression and ANOVA models. It also covers some common but advanced regression models as well as survival analysis.

• Linear regression
• Anova
• Generalised linear models
• Survival analysis
• Mixed models

Online: May 24–25
Online: September 27–28
Online: November 21–22

R 3

Learn how to visually explore data in R, and to create great-looking graphics using the powerful ggplot2 package. Become familiar with cluster analysis, factor analysis and structural equation models (SEM) to measure and analyse the relationship between observed and hidden variables.

• Visualisation
• Dimension reduction
• Cluster analysis
• Factor analysis

Online: May 31–June 1
Online: October 10–11
Online: December 5–6

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