Statistical consultation

What can we do for you?

Our experts can help you, regardless of whether it is a minor statistical problem or running an entire project.

Statistical analysis
We can give you advice and support, regardless of whether it is about doing a simple statistical analysis, review of analyzes or preparations for, for example, a dissertation. You can also get help with describing your analyzes and methods in text form for, for example, a scientific article or another type of presentation.

Data management and graphs
Data management is about how a data material is handled, organized and structured during a work process. Here we can help to merge several data materials, create new variables, make logical checks and more. You can get assistance with creating tables and graphs to clarify your results.

Statistical power
Power analysis, often implicit sample calculations, is about finding out in advance how many observations are needed to be able to draw reliable conclusions about one’s data. We can help with both simple and more advanced calculations for both our own use and for clinical studies.

Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)
Before starting a study, a plan for data management (which variables should be created) and analyzes (which statistical methods should be used) should have been developed. We can guide you in this writing or write it for you, both large and small, for both a clinical trial and for your own use, perhaps before your upcoming doctoral study?

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