Statistical Training

Raise the quality of your statistics work with Statistikakademin.

We love statistics! Everyone may not feel the way we do but we are really passionate about it.

Regardless of how you need our help, we are happy to take care of your statistical problems.
It can be anything from a customized on-site training to a minor statistical issue.

Our Statisticians and course leaders have many years of experience in education and statistical consultation.
The goal for us is always to make the statistics feel simpler and more understandable.

Support in three different ways

Instructor-led training
Courses held in English online or on site. At our instructor-led online courses we alternate between theory and practical exercises. We will help you get better at both the statistics and the software with our unique approach.

Customized courses
You and your group decide the content, timespan and place. We can use our course litterature and customize the training according to your needs. You can also choose to work with us to develop an education from scratch if it suits you better. Theory can be mixed with practical exercises and your own data material can be used during the course.

Statistical consultation
Individual sessions where one of our experts will help you with all or part of your statistical work. Our statisticians have experience in a wide range of different areas and can either help you with a limited problem or run an entire project. Regardless of what kind of help you need, you can count on both advice and support to be able to perform correct statistical analyzes.

Our courses in English

R 1 – Introduction to R

Content: Handling data, data visualisation, descriptive statistics and basic statistical methods

R 2 – Linear regression & ANOVA

Content: Modern statistical tests, linear regression and ANOVA

R 3 – Advanced regression models & survival analysis

Content: Generalised linear models and survival analysis

R 4 – Visualisation and data exploration

Content: Visualisation, Exploratory data analysis and the ggplot2 package

R 5 – Basic course in Propensity score matching

Content: Propensity score matching applied in R / Rstudio

Rcmdr 1 – Introduction course

Content: Handling data, data visualisation, descriptive statistics and basic statistical methods

Rcmdr 2 – ANOVA och regression

Content: Advanced models in regression och ANOVA

Information about our courses and booking terms

Statistikakademin only offer teacher-led training and we alternate theory, practical exercises and questions. We use Zoom at all our online courses and the literature and exercises are are distibuted at site. Make sure you have access to a computer with a stable internet connection and the current program installed for the course.

On site
You can find the address and other important information in the booking confirmation. Course literature and exercises are distributed on site. Make sure you have access to a computer with the current program installed for the course.

Booking terms
Statistikakademin has the right to cancel the course in the event of an insufficient number of participants. In case of that happening, you will of course be offered a new course date or be fully compensated. You have the right to rescedule and change course dates up to 15 days before the start of the course. If you are not able to attend, you can of course send a colleague instead.

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One-day course

9 500 SEK

Two-day course

11 500 SEK


2 courses: 10%
3 courses: 15%
4 or more: 20%

All prices are excluding VAT.

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