R - course packages

R 1 - Introduction to R, Linear regression & ANOVA – 2 days

R 1 helps you get started with R in the best way possible. This education package contains the two courses, “Introduction to R” and “Linear regression & ANOVA”.

We will cover the basics of R, ranging from importing and handling data to running common tests and fitting linear regression models. You also get a solid understanding of modern linear regression and ANOVA models.


Course goals: To be able to use R to import and describe data using graphs and tables. Manage how to fit, visualize, and interpret linear regression and ANOVA models.

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills.

Contains the two courses Introduction to R + Linear regression & ANOVA

R 2 - Advanced regression, Survival analysis & Visualisation – 2 days

R 2 covers non-linear regression models and survival analysis. You learn how to visually explore data in R, and to create great-looking graphics using the powerful ggplot2 package.

This education package contains the two courses “Advanced regression models & survival analysis” together with “Visualisation & data exploration”.


Course goals: To be able to use R to fit, visualise and interpret models for logistic regression, count regression and survival analysis. How to use the R package ggplot2 to visualise and explore data.

Prerequisites: R1 or equivalent prior knowledge.

Contains the two courses Advanced regression models & survival analysis + Visualisation & data exploration.