Get started with both SPSS and the fundamentals of statistics in the best possible way.

Spend two days with us on Zoom to get your statistics work up and running without interruption. Statistikakademin is the Nordic region’s leading company in statistical software training.

Learn how to handle the most important parts of SPSS’s powerful data and graph management functions. After completing the course, you will be able to manage and describe a data material using graphs and tables in SPSS.

The second day we focus on the basic concepts and methods in statistics. This knowledge is mandatory for you to be able to apply descriptive statistics and statistical inference. Get an understanding about hypothesis testing and how to p-values and confidence intervals to determine whether your results are statistically significant.


April 25–26, 2023
9.00–16.30 CET

Teacher led online training on Zoom. No specific requirements for prior knowledge in SPSS. Both the course literature and the course are in English.

Course content

Data management
• Importing and exporting data • Data structuring
• Managing variables • Handling observations
• Data transformations

Describing data with tables and graphs
• Frequency and other types of tables
• The most common graph types • Chart builder
• Legacy dialogs • Editing graphs

Basic statistical concepts
• Statistical assumptions about distribution, variance, and linearity
• Parameter estimates and confidence intervals
• Hypothesis testing and p-values

• Pearson’s and spearman’s correlation

Comparisons of mean values
• Students t-test • Proportion test

Tables and relationships between categorical variables
• Chi-squared test

Non-parametric methods

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• Introduction to modern statistics • Cluster analysis & SEM

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