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Statistikakademin has around five hundred participants attending our courses every year with extremely high overall ratings.
We constantly hear from participants that they consider our courses to be a perfect introduction to the field of statistics.
The overwhelming majority of them are employed as PhD students, postdocs, researchers, physician-scientists, or analysts.

R 1

R 1 really gets you going in the right direction. Starting with an introduction, the course will cover the basics of R, ranging from importing and handling data to running common tests and fitting linear regression models. You also get a solid understanding of modern linear regression and ANOVA models.

• Handling data & visualisation
• Basic statistical methods
• Modern statistical tests
• Linear regression

Online: January 24-25
Online: April 19-20

R 2

For those interested in logistic regression and survival analysis I R, we have a course for you in March and May. Become able to use R to fit, visualise and interpret models for logistic regression, count regression and survival analysis. Learn how to use the visualization in R in the best way possible to identify outliers, see trends and perform cluster analyses with the ggplot2 package.

• Generalised linear models
• Survival analysis
• Exploratory data analysis
• The ggplot2 package

Online: March 7-8
Online: May 24-25


Start from the beginning with a basic course in SPSS this spring. Learn to master the program SPSS together with data management, graph management, and basic statistics. Gain an understanding of correlations, comparisons of means and relationships between variables. SPSS 1 quickly gets you into working independantly with SPSS.

• Data management
• Describing data with tables & graphs
• Basic statistical concepts
• Correlations & comparisons of mean values
• Non-parametric methods

Online: April 25-26

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Upcoming R courses

Start using R and learn how to handle the statistical methods you need to work independently with your own analyses.

May 21–22, 2024

Data and graph management with Basic statistics in SPSS

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2 new R courses

• Introduction to modern statistics • Cluster analysis & SEM

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